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TEC Engraving

The Group engraving specialist – Personalising Services

Match the words and graphics to the event and award

TEC Engraving was established to personalise Awards and to offer to Industry specialised engraving services.
TEC Engraving operates as a Division of the Group processing all the products In the Group range and to undertake Industry and Commercial tasks. Clients enjoy the major benefits of having a total award package personalised and designed to maximise the potential offered by the award product.
Industrial, Commercial and Architectural engraving services are a key feature of the Division.  TEC Engraving Services work closely with business to provide solutions to meet a wide range of engraving, identification and decoration needs.

Equipment and Capacity

Single item prototyping to mass production of a vast range of Engraved, marked or identified products.
Whether you require a one off profile cut metal artefact or mass production engraved componentry TEC Engraving Services can accommodate.

  • Laser Engrave & Cut
  • Rotary CNC
  • Sandblasting
    • Die Marking
    • Etching
    • Printing

Product & Experience

We are able to produce results when working with most – Metals, Timbers, Hard Plastics, Glass, Ceramics, Cork, Fabrics, Leather and Delrin.

Our experience includes production of:

ID plates
Heavy-Duty Labels
Valve Tags
Control Panels
Facia Panels
Parts Marking
Switch Plates
Legend Plates
Braille Signs
Name Plates
Door Signs
Name Badges
Image Etching
Brass Plaques
Cast Bronze
Small Scale & Directional Signage

TEC Engraving Services may be commissioned directly or the engraving requirement may be ordered from the Division supplying the product selected from that range.  To make an enquiry please click the links below.

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