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About Selecting

Is a challenging task!

Whether you are charged with the responsibility of selecting awards for your top executives, recognising the best & fairest player in your club or searching for an appropriate premium for your promotion, we at Rewards International understand that choosing a suitable recognition product to satisfy “awardees” is no mean feat, it takes time, thoughtfulness and often a great deal of planning.

Make it easy for yourself

Allow the team at Rewards International to speed things up for you. The online range is laid out in a way that groups products by usage.

  • sporting trophies
  • corporate awards
  • promotional products
  • lifestyle & gift
  • engraving services

Use the easy search feature

The Rewards International site also has a special search filter feature, not only can you browse via the traditional clickable menu but should you wish to display product options based on certain criteria simply click on the ‘advanced product filtering’ button located below the regular menu and select from the available options. Once you have selected the criteria, click ‘show results’ and the options will be displayed.

Use the online “cart”

The online cart allows you to add items of interest so you may submit an enquiry. Simply add products to the Quote & Query list and Rewards International will confirm pricing and answer your queries with a formal response. When you are ready to purchase your enquiry can be converted into a sales order.

Personal advice available

If you would like some assistance with selection don’t hesitate to call or email Rewards International for personalised professional advice. By briefly explaining what you need Rewards International will be able to guide you through the process so you end up with the most suitable option. If you are time poor Rewards International can even make the selection for you – just ask the sales team.

Make a daunting task easy by following the user friendly search format to access and select the most suitable product from the significant exclusive and comprehensive range. Obtain product information; pricing and place your order online or by utilising Rewards International personalised service option.

For information on any of the following topics please click on the text reference.

  • Engraving & Decoration
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  • Contact Us

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